Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"What about the homeless?"

Graffiti on a condemned building in Ghent. Photo by the author.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Word clouds 2

EDIT: I found it fitting to add a word cloud composed of the most occurring words in the Wikipedia article on Belgium. Enjoy below.

Last year I told you about Worlde. Now, thanks to David Malki!'s Wondermark and a Wondermark reader named John B., I've found another word cloud generator with even more levers and pulleys. It's called Tagxedo, and here's the word cloud for my blog as of today (bonus points if you recognize the shape!):

(Click to embiggen)

The word cloud for Wikipedia's article on Belgium. (Click to embiggen)

Friday, February 3, 2012

OpticModule's Tintin

The Art of Animation is one of the true gems among my Google Reader feeds. It's a cornucopia of colourful art, featuring mostly (but not exclusively) fantasy drawings from a huge range of artists all over the world. This one's from OpticModule:

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Jukebox Friday: Hooverphonic - Out Of Sight

Highlights from the music video for Hooverphonic's "Out Of Sight" include the world's fastest snail, some impressive use of slow and reverse motion, and the world's tiniest grand piano. Also, for my Norwegian readers, look for the guitarist who looks exactly like Åge Aleksandersen.

Like its sister single "Jackie Cane", "Out Of Sight" is from The Magnificent Tree (2000), Hooverphonic's international breakthrough album. Now you have another reason to buy it.